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Google Play Store redesign rolling out now

All the leaks and rumors turned out to be true. Yesterday evening, Google announced that it had begun rolling out a redesigned and revamped version of the Play Store for Android devices running version 2.2 and up. Just as leaked images indicated, the whole store has seen a major redesign, with Google opting to focus on a much cleaner interface.

App categories have been pinned to the top of the store’s landing page now too, making them much easier to access than before. Previously, editor’s picks and recommendations were displayed at the top of the store. Google has pushed its recommendations down the page slightly, with more prominent images and fonts now vying for viewers’ attention instead. Google has also simplified the checkout process for buying anything from the Play Store.

The company says that any phone or tablet running Android 2.2 and up will be seeing the redesigned Play Store in short order, but it looks to be a staggered rollout. The new store doesn’t seem to be available in the UK just yet, but those eager to try the simpler interface can download the APK courtesy of Android Police.


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