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Google Propeller to take on Flipboard and Pulse on iPad and Android tablets?

With The Daily iPad newspaper finally arriving in the UK, Rupert Murdoch probably won’t be happy to learn that something called Google Propeller might be winging its way to the iPad and Android tablets.

All Things Digital is citing “sources close to the situation” that Google Propellor is a news aggregator/reader app in a similar vein to Flipboard and Pulse.

Flipboard and Pulse are both visually rich reader apps that pull stories from your favourite news sources, RSS feeds, blogs, papers and the rest. They look great and are two of the more popular apps for the iPads and Android tablets respectively.

Last year Flipboard for iPad got a pretty major update that allowed it to pull in stories from Google Reader as well. So Google Propeller, if it’s going ahead, has got its work cut out for it.

We wonder if there’s really room for another news reader with social elements bolted on. Google could just as well update or combine its existing Google Reader and Google+ apps. Perhaps that’s what’s going on, and Propeller is an internal name for the project.

Google Propeller (or whatever it’ll be called) will almost certainly stick in the News International craw. Murdoch is famous for saying that he wants to ‘stop Google taking our news for nothing,’ and for placing The Times, The Sunday Times and the Wall Street Journal behind a paywall. All Things Digital is part of the Wall Street Journal’s digital network.

Source: All Things Digital