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Google takes QuickOffice out of circulation as its own Drive apps are now up to the challenge

Say goodbye to QuickOffice, Google Drive is now big enough to handle your office documents all on its own.

Mobile productivity suite QuickOffice has been officially discontinued by Google, who acquired the company back in 2012. Development has ceased on the suite – including its upcoming port to Google’s Chrome OS – with the QuickOffice applications expected to be removed from the Android and iOS app stores in the coming weeks.

QuickOffice to Google Drive

People who have already downloaded QuickOffice will be able to download it again after the expected pull-date, although everyone else will have to make do with Google Drive, or an equivalent product.

QuickOffice was one of the first mobile productivity packages and came with a Microsoft Office-compatible word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor. Launched way back in 2002 before the stratospheric rise of the smartphone, it could be found almost every mobile platform, including the ill-fated Palm Web OS.

Google purchased QuickOffice to augment its own office productivity offerings in the form of its Drive apps. These have undergone a number of major overhauls of late, including the release of Docs, Sheets and Slides being released as standalone applications and the mobile version of slides now being able to edit presentations. Google seemingly now feels that they’re more than capable products, removing the need to keep QuickOffice in its lineup.

Other changes to Google Drive that were announced at Google I/O include secure, encrypted file transfers, and an API for auditing documents. These offerings are likely designed to appeal to enterprise customers, whom Google have tried to attract from their traditional heartlands of Microsoft and Lotus.

Prior to discontinuing QuickOffice, Google bundled it for free with its Google Apps For Business product, until finally freely releasing it for all users last September.

-Matthew Hughes



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