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Google reportedly planning retail stores to show off Glass

Google Glass probably won’t be with us for at least another year, but how are you going to try one when the wearable units are eventually released? Business Insider believes that Google is going to open up retail stores for the specific purpose of showcasing Glass while allowing potential customers to try units on.

The information comes from a second-hand source, so don’t take it entirely at face value. Still, it makes sense given previous reports that Google was planning retail stores for its entire range of hardware. The Android magnate offers its Nexus line of phones and tablets, after all, as well as the Chromebook Pixel and Glass in the future. You might be able to walk into some stores right now and play with the Nexus 4 or Nexus 10, but finding a Chromebook Pixel is an entirely different story.

Glass is also a strange new tech product in the public’s mind right now. The vast – vast – majority of people don’t have any idea what the unit is for or capable of, let alone have any experience in using one. Even those lucky enough to score Glass have to physically go and get it from one of Google’s pickup points, where they also receive brief instructions on how to use the unit. Having retail stores would allow just about anyone to find out exactly what Google Glass is while receiving a similar level of customer service.

The comparison to Apple is pretty obvious here too. The Cupertino-based company has full control over exactly how people interact with its products, so why wouldn’t Google want to try the same thing with its own range? There isn’t any further information as to when Google would even begin rolling out such stores, but if this does indeed turn out to be true then don’t expect to hear anything until the final version of Glass is ready to go.


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