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Google reveals ‘Bouncer’, the hidden security layer of the Android Market

Google has announced the existence of a hidden layer of security for the Android Market that’s codenamed ‘Bouncer’.

This isn’t a new app or service from Google that you need to download to your phone or tablet, it’s more of a security procedure that Google puts app submissions through.

While the open nature of the Android Market means that there’s few barriers to getting your apps published, Google is taking active measures to prevent scammers from uploading malware and trojan apps, as has happened in the past.

All app submissions are ran in a simulation to spot any potential trojans that are submitted for the Market. Even if a harmful app does slip through the net, Google mentions how it has the ability to remotely remove such apps from people’s phones should the worst happen.

Although Google’s Android Bouncer has only just been revealed to the world today, it’s actually been active for a while now.

From early last year, Google reports a 40 per cent decrease in the number of what its calling “potentially-malicious” downloads from the Market. The rate of malware downloads is “declining significantly,” though Google hasn’t announced any other figures for this.

Google advises users of Android devices to check permissions before downloading anything from the Market – as would we – and advises against installing anything you’re not totally sure about.

With this is mind, it wouldn’t hurt to install something like Lookout, Cerberus or McAfee’s new Mobile Security 2.0 app for added protection and remote ‘find my phone’ services as well.

Source: Google Mobile Blog


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