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Google shows off effortless NFC: Share contacts, websites, across Android phones in an instant,

NFC is a divisive topic at Recombu Towers, but one thing we can agree on, it’s getting better, and recent applications of Near Field Technology are very cool indeed.

We recently covered Doubletwist’s new application of NFC, DoubleTap. It’s a very cool feature that allows you to share songs with NFC.

Now Google have shown off a very slick NFC system , powered on their NFC-ready Nexus S smartphone. In the demo video below, the phones are shown exchanging contacts and websites without the need to choose a ‘share’ option, or tap anywhere.

The partner phone just has to be close enough, and the phone automatically picks up the NFC ‘aura’, and content appears on the screen.

Google even ‘hacked up’ a special tablet version, where a YouTube video picks up where it left off. It’s a clever feature that we’ve seen before, called Touch2share, between HP’s TouchPad and their new Palm phones.

We’re told that all these uses for NFC will be packaged into Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich Android update. (For it to be of any use, we still need plenty more NFC-capable phones: Google’s Nexus S is just playing with itself at the moment…)

Watch it in action below.


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