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Google Translate app comes to the iPhone

It’s been around since 2008 through the iPhone’s own web browser, but now Google have decided to turn their Translate services into its very own app (like we saw on Android last year.)

Integrating your phone’s microphone to pick up what you want translated, we found it worked pretty well on our beginner’s French stuff. Japanese was a bit creakier, but we guess that’s due to differences in syntax structure.

Translating from English to any language was a different matter- perhaps it’s our limey accent and it’s more suited to an American twang- the English translation voice is unashamedly American.

There’s voice input for 15 main languages, and like Google Translate on the web, text can be translated by Google robots into over 50 languages.

Sadly, there’s no sign of the SMS translation feature seen on the Android app, nor the experimental conversation mode (only compatible between Spanish and English) recently released for Google’s own OS.

Rotate the iPhone or your iPad, and the translation is blown-up to full-screen size, if you’re afraid of your own accent. Translations can be starred, and, alongside your ‘translation history’, can be accessed when not connected to the internet.

Google Translate is available now, free, from iTunes.


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