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Google Translate for iPhone updates, 63 languages now supported

Google has pushed out its latest update for the Google Translate app on iPhone, bringing its total number of supported languages for text translation up to 63.

The emphasis this time round is on Indic languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.

As well as translating English into these languages, Google also includes Romanisations at the bottom, potentially useful for language students.

Support for these languages is very much early days. Google says that translations on it’s had more experience with, i.e. Spanish to English and vice versa, will be more accurate. It’s calling it’s Indic language support “Alpha (experimental) translations”.

Google Translate is swiftly becoming closer to Douglas Adams’ vision of the Babel Fish, the little polyglot from Hitch Hiker’s Guide that lives in your ear. Support for early live conversation translation surfaced on the Android app earlier this year, prompting visions of actual BabelFish Bluetooth headsets in the future.

As soon as Google adds English to Vogon translations, we ought to have enough time to head off to Alpha Centauri and hopefully stop that demolition order.

Source: Google