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Google+ updated for iOS: Backup all your photos automatically

It’s finally here, the update to Google+ for iOS enabling users to backup all their photos via instant upload. While Android has enjoyed this incredible feature for some time, The Verge has revealed that now iPhone users too can take a picture and if set up correctly send it straight to cyberspace to be stored privately or publicly on Google+. What’s more, Google+’s tight integration with Picasa means that all the pictures will be available on Picasa as well offering more convenient downloading of images and integration with the Picasa desktop application.

There is a slight difference between the Android and iOS instant upload on Google+ applications however. While on Google’s operating system, the image will upload regardless of whether the application has been manually opened or not, iOS users should make sure they open the Google+ app to ensure that the upload occurs. No photos will be left out however as when the app is re-opened, all photos taken since it was last opened will be uploaded.

With instant upload being the feature worth shouting about and the final piece to iPhone user’s Google cloud storage solution a la Recombu, there are a few more subtle points of note such as a “what’s hot” stream that contains trending posts. That said, Instant upload’s plenty of reason to rejoice with your iPhone, not to mention invest in a pretty comprehensive data plan. Enjoy the feature and let us know how you get on.


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