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Google Wallet: Google to announce test of NFC payment platform, readers to arrive in the US this September

Google looks set to make good on Eric Schmidt’s claim that NFC-phones will do away with credit cards. A press event due to kick of in New York today is set to announce a list of retailers that’ll be taking part in a further test of Google’s NFC payments system.

Called Google Wallet, the trial is due to take place in a number of US cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York San Francisco and Washington D.C. according to Digital Trends. This follows on from Google’s earlier NFC trials that started in Portland last December.

A memo from US retailer The Container Store, published on Thisismynext, suggests that in-store readers will arrive in US stores on the 1st of September.

Though there’s no sign of Google conducting tests in the UK any time soon, this is exciting progress and a taste of what NFC will have to offer in the future. Thisismynext will be liveblogging the New York event later today – so stayed tuned for more NFC news coming in the next few hours.


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