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Google: We’re putting mobiles before PCs

“The phone is your alter ego. It doesn’t think as well as we do, but it has a better memory. It has a better notion of where we are, and can take pictures. This really gives us an opportunity. It’s time to get behind this. What I would suggest now is that the new rule is ‘mobile first’. Mobile first in everything. Mobile first in applications, and how we use things.”

Strong words from Google CEO Eric Schmidt at his Mobile World Congress keynote speech, and who can blame Google for putting mobile first given the phenomenal success of its Android OS? According to Schmidt, 60,000 Android handsets are sold every day, and it’s rising all the time.

The new philosophy will see the tech behemoth putting the production of mobile versions of its applications and services before the desktop equivalents. Schmidt went on to describe Google’s work as a kind of sorcery: “The job here is to create magic, and put that all together in ways that make people think ‘oh my god, how did I live without this before?’”

Just before revealing the new direction, Schmidt had been demo-ing Google’s new Android translation service, named Google Goggles Translation. He showed the application turning a German menu into English which is pretty impressive. But not as impressive as the instant speech-to-speech translation we’d been hearing about from Google earlier this month, although of the speech translation technology Schmidt said, “We’re not quite there yet, but it’s coming. Soon.”

[Google Goggles image via TechCrunch]