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Motorola’s leftover devices didn’t ‘wow’ says Google’s CFO

In this instance it’s been pointed out that Google’s CFO and Senior VP – Patrick Pichette may never have heard of the Osborne Effect as he revealed his company’s thoughts on their ownership over Motorola Mobility and some of the less impressive the assets it came with.

During an interview with Pichette at the recent Morgan Stanley Technology Conference, he admitted that following the procurement of Motorola, the 18 months worth of devices which were left in their existing pipeline didn’t have what it takes to “wow” Google who have already shown their own ideals for mobile devices in the form of the Nexus product line. Indeed before one company owned the other, they’d partnered on one such device; using Motorola’s Xoom tablet to debut Android 3.0 Honeycomb, but does that mean that even then, deep down, they thought they were launching their tablet OS on an under-developed product?

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Such criticism is unusual and as The Verge points out, some of the company’s more recent handsets such as the RAZR HD have proven to win over consumers in many instances rather than fall at the first hurdle. Whatever the case was at the time of acquirement, Google have been, in Pichette’s words, ‘draining’ that legacy product pipeline to make way for new devices which better fit the shared vision of Google and Motorola.

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The first handsets of this new era in Motorola’s product history looks to be the Motorola X Phone, which is anticipated to arrive later this year debuting Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.


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