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Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb event uploaded, watch it in full

Got an hour to spare? Then grab yourself a coffee and get comfortable. Google has uploaded all of last nights’ Android 3.0/Honeycomb event to YouTube in one big 53 minute-long clip.

Amid all of the big announcements – an actual, proper Android Market website, in-app purchases – there was lots to talk about such as hardware acceleration, great-looking multiplayer games and, er, Cee-Lo Green.

Android 3.0 in action is definitely worth checking out. If you’re short for time then we recommend you skip to these parts which show off the high definition games (@15:23), the Market website (@30:02) in-app payments (@44:29) and a video call with the Ladykiller himself (@50:48).

If you just want a sneak peek for now, you can check out the highlights from last night which we covered here.

Ok Google and Motorola, we’re sold. Can we have one of those Xoom tablets now please?


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