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HTC One clone: GooPhone One launches in China

Whatever you might think your eyes do deceive you in this instance. We already know that HTC are planning simultaneous launch events in both London and New York for the arrival of their 2013 flagship; the HTC One, but Chinese mobile fans can grab a slice of that HTC design goodness now, sort of.

Rather than HTC having jumped the gun on their own launch date, what you’re looking at is the latest handset to come out of Chinese mobile manufacturer GooPhone. The company is famed for their impressively accurate lookalikes, having recently produced an HTC One S copy (called the GooPhone X1) and more impressively, an iPhone 5 clone running Android ICS called the GooPhone i5.

GooPhone One - HTC One Chinese knockoff

The HTC One clone, dubbed the GooPhone One, features the same distinctive ‘capped’ design which we’ve seen from the leaked images of the official HTC One, although we’re not 100% of the material choices or build quality in comparison to HTC’s well-established premium fit and finish. Naturally the notion behind the GooPhone One is a premium feel without the premium price tag, so the majority of the hardware isn’t on par with the official equivalent.

The 4.7-inch display most likely doesn’t feature Full HD resolution, the quad-core processor inside is MediaTek’s MT6589 chip and rather than a new version of HTC Sense, the GooPhone One sports what GizChina explain is Lewa OS. There’s apparently a gig of RAM on offer and surprisingly a 13-megapixel snapper, although we aren’t holding our breath for flagship-beating quality.

With such high-quality looking knockoffs like this, how much would you be willing to pay for a device that has the appearance of a top notch phone, without the underlying quality the real thing will most likely win out with.


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