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Griffin introduce their DriveSafe range of car accessories

You remember the iTrip, don’t you? It allowed you to pipe your music from your iPod to your car radio by converting the audio output to an FM radio signal.

Now Griffin are launching some new accessories for your car, but with a twist. Their DriveSafe range is designed to minimize distractions, so you can keep an eye on those cheekily using the bus lane instead of fussing over your gadgets.

DriveSafe doesn’t just apply to one product, but a whole range, with a variety of different accessories. The RoadTrip handsfree is similar to the iTrip of old in that it will transmit your music to your radio, but also charges your iPod or iPhone as well. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speakerphone, so you can deal with those pesky cold callers handsfree.

There are also other accessories such as the Window Mount Handsfree, which attaches to your windshield without leaving any nasty marks, and the Window Seat Handsfree, perching your phone at eye level on your dashboard.

The DriveSafe range hits a few different price points, and the whole line is available from Tesco now. Take a gander at Griffin’s website for more details.


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