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Grooveshark iPhone music app removed from the App Store

Streaming music service Grooveshark has been winning plaudits for its iPhone and Android apps, but the music industry isn’t quite as keen.

The company’s iPhone app has been removed from the App Store by Apple, with Grooveshark announcing that the cause was a complaint from record label Universal Music Group UK.

“This comes as an absolute surprise to us, and we are not sleeping until we figure out exactly how to fix this—and get Grooveshark for iPhone back in the App Store,” says the company’s blog post. “Above all, our biggest concern is damaging the service we provide to all of you guys—our loyal (awesome) users.”

The complaint has its roots in a lawsuit against Grooveshark filed by UMG earlier this year, though, in which it said Grooveshark was letting users stream its songs without having signed a licensing deal to pay for these rights.

The app still works if you’ve already downloaded it, but it won’t be reappearing in the App Store until either Grooveshark reaches a deal with Universal, or can prove to Apple that no UMG tracks are available for streaming in the app.


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