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Growing a ‘tache for Movember? Get the MoPhone app

Hipsters don’t need an excuse to grow a horrible moustache: judging by a stroll through the streets of Shoreditch, over-coiffed lip-fur is a year-round activity.

However, for the rest of the manly world, moustaches are best kept for November – or Movember, as it’s become known. It’s a month-long initiative that gets men to grow ‘taches to raise awareness for various charitable causes.

This year’s kicks off next week, and there’s already an app for it. Movember MoPhone is a photography app for iPhone, which gets you to take a photo of your moustache progress every day, and then turns it into a stop-motion video.

This can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter, as you try to persuade friends to cough up more cash to sponsor you. Simple, but effective.


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