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Video: T-Mobile guide to SIM-only deals

If you’ve already got a mobile phone and are looking for a great value tariff, then consider a SIM-only plan.

SIM-only tariffs offer a monthly allocation of minutes, texts and data, but because you’re not getting a free (or subsidised) phone, they are far cheaper than a pay monthly plan, while offering more flexibility than pay as you go.

All the networks offer SIM-only plans running over 30-days or 12 months. The advantage of a 30-day rolling plan is that you’re not tied into a long contract, although 12-month plans are cheaper.

T-Mobile offers SIM-only tariffs to suit all budgets, which include any network minutes, calls to other T-Mobile uses and texts. The company’s internet plan The Full Monty with unlimited data is also available as a SIM-only plan too.

T-Mobile has recently slashed the price of its 12-month SIM-only proposition, knocking £2.50 off the monthly cost of all tariffs priced from £10.50 to £20.50, so it’s better value than ever.  Check out the video below to find out more.


If you want to find out more about T-Mobile’s SIM-only offering visiting the T-Mobile website.


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