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GuitarBud for iPhone: Step into your home recording studio

So, you’ve got the band back together, got some serious practice in using your Fingerist and finally graduated to a real live guitar. Now you’re ready to lay down some tracks; forget expensive studio time – who needs it when you’ve got a perfectly serviceable iPhone in your pocket?

With the Guitarbud from Paul Reed Smith Guitars you can just plug your axe straight into your iPhone (or second gen iPod touch) using the “guitarist’s interface” – aka a wire that connects the guitar and iPhone via the handset’s headphone jack. Then you can use even just the simple built-in voice recorder app to record your guitar gently weeping, although the makers claim it can be used with “all guitar apps”.

The 6ft cable leaves plenty of leeway for throwing shapes and you can keep those dynamite riffs safe from plagiarism by using the headphone connector while recording. All this and you can pick it up for as little as £19.99 – recording studios eat your heart out.

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