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Guns ‘n’ Glory: Wild West-themed tower defence for iPhone and Android

Guns ‘n’ Glory is a Wild West-themed tower defence game with a twist – your ‘towers’ are tobacco chewin’ gunslingers that can be dragged and repositioned around the game field.

Instead of being static defence towers that stay where they are once you’ve bought them, the cowboys, banditos and braves you hire can be moved around wherever they’re needed.

In the great tower defence tradition you get different types of weaponry at your disposal. The cowboys are your standard straight-shooting types and the Mexican indirectly lobs sticks of dynamite into the fray. The Indians’ rate of fire is slower but his flaming arrows do more damage.

At times the action feels a little slow – we wish there was a ‘fast forward’ option like on other tower defence games so during those bits where you’re waiting for the next wave you can gee up your pardners, so to speak.

But we really like the half-RTS half tower defence feel of Guns ‘n’ Glory – it’s not another boring Fieldrunners clone with a cowboy theme stuck on top.

It’s also fantastically un-PC, the object being to take out helpless wagon trains as they make their way to new settlements. It should probably be classed as a tower offence game.

Available for iPhone and Android phones now for £1.79 and £2.60 respectively. Android users can also try out a free ad-supported version of the game.


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