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Gwabbit makes saving BlackBerry email contacts quick and easy

Now here’s a handy little app for when you want to save contact details from an incoming email. Rather than faffing about with highlighting, copying and pasting ad infinitum, Gwabbit seeks out contact info and pre-fills a new contact for you with no fuss. 

Despite the annoying name, it does a pretty good job. You can set it to automatically check for contact details, or manually force it using an option from the email menu (we recommend the manual option; the auto one is a bit keen for us).

There’s also an Outlook version which does the same job for your desktop PC, although there’s no free option here. 

We’ve been using the free BlackBerry version, but if you don’t want your contacts to know you’re adding them to your address book then you might want to shell out for the premium one; free Gwabbit sends an email to any contact you add letting them know about it. 



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