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Gyro Air Drums lets you air-drum with your iPhone 4


It’s taken a while, but we’re now seeing a steady drip-drip of apps optimised to use the iPhone 4 gyroscope. Gyro Air Drums went live this weekend, and looks like being one of the funnest (to nab Apple’s lingo).

In short, the app lets you use your iPhone as a virtual drumstick, battering a virtual drumkit located around you. That means a bass drum, snare, hi-hat, high tom, low tom, cowbell – COWBELL! – crash and taiko drum to live out your Tommy Lee / Ringo Starr / That Gorilla In That Chocolate Ad fantasies (delete as appropriate).

The developer has uploaded a video demo to YouTube (above), but it’s a bit on the staid side. We won’t rest until someone gets an iPhone 4 and Gyro Air Drums into the hands of this man.



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