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Half Life 2: Episode One coming to Android as Nvidia exclusive

If you’re a Gordon Freeman fan and you’d like to revisit Half Life 2: Episode One on your daily commute or while lounging in bed, good news! Nvidia is bringing this epic expansion to Android. But you’ll need an Nvidia Shield Tablet…

Nvidia rocked our worlds with some massive news this week. First, its impressive Grid cloud-based gaming service is set to hit the UK this month, for free. And now Half Life 2 Episode One has been released on the Nvidia Shield Tablet, and will be available together with the original Half Life 2 and Portal as a single downloadable pack known as the ‘Green Bundle’.

Not exciting enough? Well, the Green Bundle will come bundled free with all new 32GB Nvidia Tablet Shields. Bosh.

Half Life 2 Episode One continues the story minutes after Half Life 2 finishes, with the Citadel crumbling right beside you. Of course, you’re immediately thrown straight back inside (literally), before fighting your way to the outskirts of the city.

If you buy yourself the 32GB Nvidia Shield, you’ll get a code with your shiny new tablet to download the Green Bundle for absolutely nothing. Considering the tablet is already incredible value, especially if you’re a huge gaming fan, free Half Life just makes it an even sweeter deal. Like adding a cup of sugar to a massive pile of sherbert.

Check out our full Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE review if you need further convincing.


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