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Half of UK adults have sent a sext: one in 10 to the wrong person

We know we’re a nation getting more addicted to our mobiles, but it seems more and more people are using their smartphones to conduct the racier parts of relationships – with nearly 50% of Brits admitting to sending a sexy text (sext) to their partner.

Research by Recombu of 2000 UK adults texting habits reveal that despite Brits need to be a little more careful who they send a sext too – one in 10 people polled have sent a sext to a family member or friend by accident. Men were the most prone to sending sexts to the wrong people than women, with 16% making the embarrassing error compared to 8% of women.

Looking at the UK’s sext habits by region, it seems that the Welsh are the most racy, with 59% of people surveyed admitted to sending a sext to their partner, following by 52% for the West Midlands. Respondents from the East Midlands were the least racy, with just 32.14% admitting to sending a sext to a partner.

But sexts also pave the way for deception; almost one in five people have secretly sent a sext to someone other than their partner, with 25-34 year olds the age group most likely to cheat by text. One in 10 men and one in 5 women has sent a sext to a partner – meant for someone else.

Check out the infographic below for more fascinating stats on male and female texting habits.

A Sexting nation


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