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Halls’ iPhone app: where throat lozenges meet ‘nubile lovelies’

Once upon a time, there was a whole sub-genre of British TV shows devoted to boggling at the craziest TV ads and game-shows from Japan. It’s died out now, mainly because our own game-shows and ads are just as WTF nowadays.

Maybe the idea will make a comeback with apps. Because we spotted a Japanese app for throat-lozenge brand Halls whose strangeness matches up to those boiled-egg eating shows of yesteryear.

It’s called HALLS Eater, and as the description points out, “features four nubile Miss Magazine lovelies, eager to feed you your favorite HALLS with an ‘Ahhh’!”

That’s right: it’s putting the sexual tension back into necking a cough sweet. It’s also the only iPhone app (to our knowledge) that rewards you with “special photos” for persuading a virtual Japanese model to feed you a lozenge.

Fisherman’s Friend, the ball is in your court..


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