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Nokia E7: Hands-on photo gallery

Announced back in 2010, we’ve got some exclusive hands-on time and pictures of the Nokia E7. Boasting a full slide-out Qwerty keyboard, the screen props up at an angle more often seen on a laptop- great for long stints of typing. (And for taking photos of Nokia’s latest phone.)

Nokia’s Clear Black technology really makes the most of that AMOLED screen, a four-inch touchscreen that’s more than capable of showing off pictures and videos.

Noticeably a bit chunkier than the N8, the E7 has both microUSB and HDMI ports. WE got a quick viewing of the HDMI-out in action, and the full HD video quality is up there with the best of them. We thought it was noticeably better than the Sony Ericsson’s Arc, which seemed choppy in places.

The E7 is packing an eight-megapixel camera, which will hopefully have a similiar performance quality to the N8- one of the best cameraphones we’ve seen.

We’ll be sure to test it, and the rest of the phone’s features, in a full review in the next few weeks.


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