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Hands-on Nubia Z11 Review: A serious OnePlus 3 rival?

Hands-on Nubia Z11 review: The 5.5-inch Nubia Z11 is coming to the UK and we’ve had a play with this gorgeous Android handset over at IFA 2016. Here’s everything you need to know, including specs, our hands-on impressions and a video hands-on.

Nubia Z11 specs

Name Nubia Z11
Screen size 5.5-inches
Screen resolution 1920×1080 Full HD
Fingerprint sensor? Yes
Processor Snapdragon 820
Memory 4GB/6GB
Storage 64GB
MicroSD? Yes
Cameras 16MP + 8MP

Nubia Z11 hands-on review

With the hilariously over-the-top tagline of ‘dreams without boundaries’, the Nubia Z11 is the first smartphone from the Chinese firm to hit the UK. This 5.5-inch mobile packs specs that are almost identical to the OnePlus 3, but adds in some style and features of its own to stand out from the crowd.

Although it’s a 5.5-incher (something that’s becoming increasingly popular – check out our 5.5-inch phones round-up), the Nubia Z11 isn’t too much of a handful. The reason for that, besides the slender design, is that sexy edge-to-edge display. There’s practically no bezel either side of the mighty screen, which does occasionally mean that your fingers or palm flesh strays onto the panel when you clutch it.

However, Nubia has added in some cool screen-edge functionality which works really well. For instance, you can slide two fingers up and down the edges to quickly adjust the volume.

You can grab the Z11 in two flavours; a silver/grey model and a black and gold version, which costs more but also packs in extra memory. With a Snapdragon 820 processor stuffed into both models, you’re guaranteed smooth performance. This is particularly evident when you enter the split-screen mode, which allows you to run two apps at one time.

One of the best features of the Nubia Z11 is the 16-megapixel rear camera. In our hands-on time we were impressed by the quality of our photos and the Full HD video we shot. You get loads of bonus modes too, including a cool long exposure feature which creates some very arty results. This is helped out some way by the smart image stabilisation, a combo of optical and digital that seems to do the job nicely.

For a closer look, here’s our hands-on Nubia Z11 video review:

Nubia Z11 UK price and release date

The Nubia Z11 is coming to the UK in the next month or so (‘from September’), and should be available via online retailers. We don’t have UK-specific pricing just yet, but the Z11 will cost €499 for the silver/grey model with 4GB of RAM, and €599 for the black and gold model with 6GB of RAM.


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