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Hands-on Review: Motorola DynaTac 8000X

Some of us find the simplicity, size and ease of use of handsets like the iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S wholly illogical. We want a mobile with a proper weight and size, something to fit in our giant man-hands and comfort our big ears with conversation.

Thankfully Motorola has burst onto the scene with the DynaTac 8000X. It’s made out of cutting edge materials like plastic and it boasts a full eight hours of battery life.

The vibrant LED display is capable of showing you numbers live on screen as you type them into the phone. Better still is the price tag, currently selling in the US for an incredible $3,995 dollars.

Included in the box is a lightweight battery, charger and instruction manual. Current tests show ten hours of charge for a whopping thirty mins of talk time.

The product of over fifteen years of research and a budget of more than $100 million, Motorola hopes the handset will set the mobile market on fire when it launches in 1983.

The DynaTac’s design features a revolutionary ‘rubber whip’ antenna for perfect reception and is lightweight at only 793g.

Better still is the keyboard which includes special ‘bonus’ keys on top of a 12 button dialer. Things like ‘lock’ prevent you from accidentally making a call on the phone while transporting it in its lightweight carrying case. There is also a clever ‘vol’ button which enable accurate control of the mobiles speaker volume, preventing long-term damage to hearing.

The phone has already become popular amongst businessmen, including that of prestigious Wall Street trader Gordon Gekko (pictured right).

Those interested in purchasing the handset can pick on up here.

Check out the vid below for some fashion tips and a quick demo on what the phone can do.





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