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Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

We quite liked the Samsung Galaxy Ace what with its pocketable 3.5-inch display and relatively competent spec-sheet. While the resolution left a fair bit to be desired, it was nevertheless one of the better low to mid range handsets of 2011. Now our gripes however have been addresses with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. 3.8-inch WVGA display in tow and a dual-core 800MHz processor powering everything along, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is a respectable update to the Galaxy Ace line, on paper. Lets see how it is in the hand.

Looking considerably less like an iPhone than the Samsung Galaxy Ace and Ace Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has curvaceous styling and ergonomic fit in the hand. With two capacitive buttons either side of the physical home button, it adopts a minimalist inoffensive styling.

We can confirm that the screen is worlds apart from the original Samsung Galaxy Ace offering far superior pixel density and just adding a premium element to the line. The additional size is also a welcome addition.

Around the back is the 5-megapixel autofocus camera and the plastic battery cover which can be removed, revealing both the battery and the SIM card slot. All in all,we’re not necessarily smitten with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 as this years MWC feels like a mid-range assault by Samsung. That said, it’s a solid device and will no doubt sell well if the price is right when it lands in Q2.


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