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Happy Snapper: the funniest iPhone photo app yet

Move over FatBooth: there’s a new photography app for iPhone in town. Happy Snapper has been released this morning, and rather than turn your friends into porkers, it lets you slap virtual stickers on your photos of them in real-time.

Created by UK developer ustwo, it gives you a selection of editable stickers, including arrows (as seen right), hats, signs and rosettes. You can change the text on each to read whatever you want – the defaults are suitably tame (‘Super!’ ‘Curse You!’ ‘Bad Breath’), but needless to say, the potential is there to be far more offensive and/or funny.

You choose a sticker, edit its text, and then take a photo of your (ideally unsuspecting) friend, while dragging and pinching to resize and rotate the sticker to your heart’s content.

The results can be saved to your Camera Roll, or shared via email, Facebook and Twitter. It’s simple, but rather wonderful – and deserves to become the next viral photo-craze on the App Store.


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