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Happy Valentines: Angry Birds Seasons and Cut The Rope get all mushy

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a fake occasion, invented by greetings card manufacturers to fill that Christmas-Easter lull. It seems that app makers are getting in on this nefarious practice too.

The long-expected Valentines edition of Angry Birds Seasons has just fluttered down on the iTunes App Store and Android Market. Is nothing sacred?

The latest edition of Seasons – which features Hallowe’en and Chrimbo-themed stages – comes with 15 “truly lovely” levels.

Its typical Angry Birds fare this, but with a fluffy wuffy pastel-pink background. Some of the pigs come equipped with Cupid-style wings and arrows. The new set of levels is called ‘Hogs and Kisses’. It’s enough to make you puke in your USB ports.

You can also create your very own Angry Birds Valentines Day cards as well, and post your creation on your lover’s Facebook wall. After all, nothing says true love like a wall post.

iPhone favourite Cut The Rope isn’t immune from the sickness either. Version 1.2 of the app will feature 25 “gorgeous holiday-inspired levels” and Om Nom has also been given the Cupid treatment.

There’s also a new ‘split level’ approach to the game; the candy is now split into two pieces, which need to be combined before being fed to Om Nom. Just like two hearts beating as one!

The latest version of Angry Birds Seasons is available to download now for iPhones and Android devices. Cut The Rope v 1.2 isn’t out just yet, but will be arriving soon – presumably before the 14th of February.


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