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Hardest Test on the iPhone is what it says, makes The Moron Test look friendly

If you aced the Moron Test back in the day and found it a bit lacking, then maybe you should give Hardest Test a spin.

Redefining the word tenuous, Hardest Test’s puzzles require a bit more out of the box thinking than quick time reactions.

Like Impossible Level Game for Android most of the clues are actually strewn around the page, hidden in plain sight. Solving a puzzle comes with a genuine eureka moment when you realise that the answer has been staring you in the face all along. All of the answers are one word, which you drop into the text box top right.

The Hardest Test on the iPhone is free to download, but there is an in-app purchase option that removes the ads and provides an answer pack for 69p.

If you’re after a game that you can play for a short burst, put down and keep coming back to then the Hardest Test should give you a good run for your money.


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