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Having a panic attack? Your iPad can help…

£7.49 for an iPad app that’s basically a bunch of videos of some bloke talking? It’s enough to bring on a panic atta… Oh, hang on. Panic Attack TalkDown HD is all about helping people who suffer from high anxiety, so it’s a serious medical app.

It’s the work of anxiety expert Charles Linden, and the idea is that people having a panic attack can fire up the app – there’s an iPhone version too – and have Charles talk them through it, via a series of video clips. “My experience tells me that when a person feels vulnerable, my direct attention relaxes them and reassures them,” claims Charles in the App Store blurb.

Apparently, he spent 25 years suffering from a mixture of high anxiety, panic, OCD and agoraphobia, before curing himself, so his credentials seem impressive. The app includes instructions, a series of video talkdowns, and then a video introduction to high anxiety conditions. Linden says there will also be free updates with new videos on a regular basis.


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