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Heat for Android is an “interactive touch experience”, not a celeb magazine app

Did you ever have one of those mugs as a kid that would change colour depending on how long you held them? Or a Global Hypercolour t-shirt?! Weren’t the 90’s just the best times ever!

Now you can (almost) relive those childhood days on your Android phone with Heat, which is an “interactive touch experience simulating a temperature sensitive surface”, according to the developer.

As you drag your finger across the black screen, it lights up as if it’s responding to your body’s heat. Take your finger off the screen and the colours fade, from yellow through to orange red and purple, as if it was an LCD thermometer. As well as being a fun distraction, you can also use it to fool gullible friends into thinking that your phone actually has a temperature-sensitive screen.

The standard thermal image colours are available with the free Lite version. The Pro version allows you to mess around with the colour palette allowing you to create striking tie-dye style effects like the ones above. The Pro version also allows you to take screenshots of your thermal creations, making Heat another source for custom Android wallpapers.

Other than this, Heat more or less sits in the ‘fun but kind of pointless’ category like Spark, a similar Android app which simulates a plasma ball.

Heat Pro costs $0.99, which the Android Market converted into £0.62 at the time of writing. The Lite version is of course free, but is ad-supported.


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