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Heinz QR code led shocked man to saucy site

Heinz has been forced to apologise after one of its promotions sent a slightly stunned consumer to a hardcore porn site by mistake.

Heinz found itself in a spot of saucy trouble recently, after a German customer scanned a QR code on one of the company’s ketchup bottles and was treated to the sight of wobbling flesh, rather than the promotional site he was expecting.

Daniel Korell thought that Heinz’s code would whisk him to a competition site to design his own label for a future product. Instead his phone’s browser was aimed at FunDorado, a good ol’ fashioned German hardcore sex site, which had taken up residence on the domain after the Heinz promotion ended and the company decided not to renew its ownership.

Korell took to Facebook with the discovery, writing on Heinz’s page:

“Your ketchup really isn’t for under-age people.

“Even if the bottle was a leftover, it’s still in lots of households. It’s incomprehensible that you didn’t reserve the domain for one or two years. It really doesn’t cost the Earth.”

However, despite his apparent outrage at getting an eyeful of jubblies and members, things worked out okay for Korell.

Heinz offered up an instant apology, saying: “We really regret the event very much and we’re happy to take your suggestions for how we implement future campaigns on board.” To sweeten things, they also let him design his own label, which they duly printed on to a brand new bottle of sauce and sent him.

Not to be done out of a bit free marketing, FunDorado also chimed in, asking whether he’d perhaps been confused by Heinz’s EZ squirt bottles, and offering him a year’s free membership to the site.

Korell took the snafu in his stride and confirmed that he’d probably suffer no permanent damage from the mix up – though we dread to think where he might have ended up had he scanned a can of Spotted Dick.


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