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Hello Toon is like ChatRoulette for iPhone. Except with cartoons.

Would infamous video-chat service ChatRoulette be any less freaky if the naked people you were chatting to were cartoons? No, I don’t mean Goofy sat in front of his webcam introducing you to ‘Little Goofy’…

Meet Hello Toon. It’s an iPhone app that claims to provide “social networking services based on cartoon rendering in smartphones”.

Eh? It converts your face and the background into a cartoon in real-time, using the kind of graphical filter seen in several photo manipulation apps. You can then talk to people around the world, and text them too.

The developer claims the idea is to stop people feeling “uncomfortable” with having their “real figures” exposed to other people. Something that arguably might be done better with an even more cartoony focus – giant virtual teeth, anvils, etc.

Even so, we’re glad the app exists. Here’s hoping its users are happy to keep their clothes on, so it doesn’t go the same way as iChatr.


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