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Here are the new accessories launching with the LG G4

A top flagship demands a great range of accessories and at yesterday’s LG G4 launch event in London; we met a plethora of first-party accoutrements to dress the new smartphone with.

Quick Circle Case

Just as HTC brought its DotView cover up to date for this year’s One M9, so to has LG revamped its Quick Circle Case, bringing extra functionality to the G4, whilst keeping it protected at the same time.

The case attaches by replacing the standard back cover of your G4, so if you’ve got your eye on any of the stitched leather versions, you won’t be able to hold onto them if you’re after the added protection and functionality.

On the front the case itself features the same characteristic circular window, which you can interact with for everything from notifications to music controls. The interface mimics the recently released LG Watch Urbane LTE – with a spiralling set of icons and should you chose to set a particular watch face and happen to own an Android Wear device too, it’ll mirror said watch face on your wearable too.

As the LG G4 forgoes inbuilt wireless charging out-the-box, the Quick Circle Case is also presently the only first-party way to add this feature to the phone.

Crystal Guard Case

If you consider the Quick Circle Case and the additional tech that it brings to the table overkill, the Crystal Guard Case is a less intrusive option for your G4. It’s a flexible transparent polycarbonate back plate that adds minimal bulk whilst still offering a considerably thick layer of armour to the outer shell of the G4.

LG G4 Crystal Guard Case 1 LG G4 Crystal Guard Case 2

To the touch it’s reminiscent of the self-healing back found on the G Flex 2 and will no doubt guard your LG G4 from scratches and scrapes as well as the occasional short drop and what’s more it features a distinctive diamond design that feels nice in the hand and doesn’t look to shabby either.

Wireless charger

To make use of the Quick Circle Case’s wireless charging capabilities you’ll need a compatible charger and LG just so happened to showcase a new model at yesterday’s event.

LG G4 wireless charging

The new wireless charger is available in black or white and features a dual coil design, letting you set the phone against it in a portrait or a landscape orientation, without having to search for the perfect point to establish a connection. What’s more both chargers fold away and their spring-loaded designs mean they double as stands for the LG G4.

LG Tone+

Personal experience has told us that LG makes fantastic Bluetooth headsets and the new Tone+ buds offer the same convenience and functionality we’ve seen before at an impressively low, sub-£40 price tag.

LG Tone+

The buds themselves attach magnetically to the rest of the headset, which sits around your neck, and the whole thing weighs just 29 grams. There’s a small 125mAh cell that should charge fully in under two hours and offer up to seven and a half hours of music playback or nine hours of solid talk time if you prefer to use the Tone+ to take calls.

LG Tone Infinim (new colours)

We met the premium LG Tone Infinims last year, boasting all the same functionality of the Tone+ headset mentioned above, compounded with greater control over music playback and calls, retractable ear buds, a premium design, better battery life and Harman Kardon audio support.

LG Tone Infinim 1 LG Tone Infinim 2

At the launch of the G4, the company showcased a number of new colours including a white and grey option, a rose gold model and a black and red variant for a more dramatic, sporty aesthetic.

QuadBeat 3 premium earphones

One of the key points that LG’s Andrew Coughlan revealed on stage at the G4’s launch yesterday was that, in some markets, users can expect to see the company’s new QuadBeat 3 earphones to come bundled inside the box with their shiny new LG G4s.

LG G4 QuadBeat 3 earphones

The QuadBeat 3 earphones feature subtle metal detailing, a red accented anti-tangle cord and an inline microphone with integrated physical media controls.

Pricing and availability is still sketchy across all of these accessories, but with the phone expected to make an appearance at the end of may, there’s little doubt that at least some of the offerings here won’t be far behind.


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