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Here’s a picture of the iPhone 6 running iOS 8. We think

Is this a picture of a working iPhone 6 running iOS8? We’ve no idea, but we figured we show it to you anyway to whet your appetite.

The picturs were published by the celebrity gossip mongers at TMZ, who said they received the image from a light-fingered source who nicked the phone from a Foxconn factory.

Is this the iPhone 6?

We want to say it’s fake, due to the crappy image quality (if you stole the world’s most exciting phone you’d take some decent quality pictures of it, wouldn’t you?) but we’ll give this alleged thief the benefit of the doubt.

The image looks remarkably like many of the previous leaks doing the rounds, with rounded edges and, notably, a slightly raised lip around the camera, possibly to protect the lens when the unit is placed on a flat surface.And is this the back of the iPhone 6?

Another notable feature is the fact the phone is powered on and running what is purportedly iOS 8, although it’s difficult to be sure.

Another interesting tidbit: the thief says the phone is noticeably lighter than the iPhone 5 and includes a new sensor on the front, although they’re not sure what it does.

Is it real? You be the judge?


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