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Hex Defence for Android: Tower defence with pretty high res graphics

Tower defence games are a dime a dozen on phones these days, with very few of them deviating from the well-beaten track. Your job is to stop mindless marching enemies getting from A to B by judicious placement of gun turrets, missile towers, and other assorted projectile weaponry.

Hex Defence really doesn’t deviate much from this norm. But it’s worth checking because it’s so darn pretty and plays like a dream.

As the title suggests, the action is based on a hexagonal grid rather than an standard square one. This adds an interesting twist to proceedings, but it’s basically the same old tower defence that we know and love.

The colourful glowing sprites and sci-fi backgrounds (reminiscent of the retro-tastic Radiant) work really well on phones with a large high resolution display. So it’s a good way of showing off the capabilities of your Google Nexus S as well as being fun to play.

Though best suited to higher-end Android phones, there’s an option to turn off the ‘intense graphics’ in the settings menu if you find gameplay to be sluggish.

There’s a free version so you can try before you buy if you like. The full version only costs you around £1 and gives you the full 15 levels as opposed to the 3 that you get with the free version.


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