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Hide your contacts, messages and pictures from prying eyes with Loky for Android

Loky (pronounced ‘low key’) is a privacy protection app that functions as a secret address book for your Android phone and does a few other cool things too. As well as locking away contacts away with a 4 digit PIN style code, you can set up text redirects so that messages from hidden contacts end up in your Loky inbox rather than in the standard text message app.

As well as being able to keep a selection of your contacts private you can also store files such as pictures and videos in your Loky folder. You can also access the phone’s camera from within the app itself and any pictures you take will be automatically saved to the Loky folder. Perfect for taking secret snaps of the dossier your Russian counterpart dropped off in the park.

It’s got a cool shake-to-close feature, so that if you’re composing a text to somebody in secret and you need to close the app in a hurry, you simply shake your phone and Loky will shut down.

Loky is a bit like the Vaulty Android app only that it allows you to do more than hide pictures. It’s got a nice crisp design and works really well. The only time we noticed any slowdown was when we tried to hide files stored on our phone’s SD card.

If you’re like us and you’ve got a lot of stuff stored on your SD card, it can take a while to load up a list of files. Obviously the less stuff you’ve got on your card the faster the list populates. We’ve been told that some updates to iron out these speed issues are coming soon.

Loky is only available for Android devices now and costs £2.99. There’s plans to release the app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone 7 devices too.


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