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Hitachi unveils a capacitive touchscreen which can handle stylus input

As much as we generally don’t like resistive touchscreens (boo, hiss) here at Recombu we have to concede that they do work well when used with a stylus; something that capacitive touchscreens don’t.

The obvious advantages this has is it means that you can tap away at your phone with a stylus when it’s cold outside and you’d rather be wearing gloves. Ever tried using your iPhone while wearing thick winter gloves?

As if answering our capacitive prayers, Hitachi has developed a capacitive touchscreen which manages to be both stylus and finger-friendly. What’s more it can be used when wearing gloves too, as you can see in the video below.

This is great news; as well as saving our fingers from frostbite we’ll be able to enjoy the precision of a stylus when making use of some of the more artistic apps too. Like those Korean chaps who found that sausages make the perfect iPhone drumstick, we can see people using all sorts of things like pen lids and tooth picks to create artistic masterpieces in the future.

Engadget says that Hitachi will be bringing this type of screen to global markets late next year – hopefully in time for winter 2011.

DigInfo News (YouTube) via Engadget via PhoneArena


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