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HoloToy iPhone app is holographic-esque genius

Thanks to Ewan at Mobile Industry Review, we’ve just found out about HoloToy, an ingenious iPhone app that uses “anamorphosis perspective projection” and the iPhone’s accelerometer to produces 3D images. In other words, HoloToy can make 2D images seem 3D without needing 3D glasses (video below).


This nifty app was created by Ben Hopkins, an app and game developer who’s built games for the Gameboy. Hopkins has just updated HoloToy to include a HoloBot (video below): “HoloBot is your very own miniature remote controlled robot. Control HoloBot’s movements inside his HoloRoom… Don’t like HoloBot’s paint job? Choose from 29 different designs. Still can’t find a HoloBot just for you? Design your very own HoloBot using the included template.” The HoloToy app costs 59p and you can download it here.