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Holy Marketing Exercise Batman! Nokia Lumia 800 Dark Knight Rises edition unfurls its bat-wings

From the silver and sweetcorn Nokia that might’ve made its way onto the set of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comes this video of a branded Nokia Lumia 800 ‘Dark Knight Rises’ edition.

Reportedly only a very small number has been made – just 40 – so the chances of you picking one up are slimmer than Dr. Jonathan Crane. Showcased at the UK premiere of the third Batman film from the Nolan-Bale configuration, the Lumia 800 Dark Knight Rises edition features the familiar bat-symbol etched into the back and an image of Bane, the movie’s principal villian, as the background. This short unboxing video was filmed by premiere attendee and FoneArena editor Jon Choo who uploaded it to YouTube.

Just as Sony Ericsson has enjoyed a healthy product placement relationship with the James Bond franchise, Nokia too has had a similar sort of relationship with the rebooted Batman films.

In the previous film, The Dark Knight, Morgan Freeman’s character Lucius Fox prominently used a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, then known to the internet rumour-sphere as the ‘Nokia Tube’.

Aside from the branding it just looks to be an otherwise regular Nokia Lumia 800; no trapeze wire or Bat-arang functionality. Lame.

Source: Jon Choo via Digital Trends