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Honda uses airbags to make smartphones smashproof

Honda might have come up with the perfect way to stop your phone’s screen getting smashed to smithereens if you drop it. It’s designed a smartphone case crammed with airbags. No, seriously. The Smartphone Case N is the exact opposite of those Durex-thin cases that stop your darling iPhone or Galaxy S 4 getting scratched but won’t stop its case or screen cracking. 

Honda’s safety-first smartphone case features six airbags that surround the phone and hold it in place in cushioned comfort. The Smartphone N case is a huge box that couldn’t possibly fit in even the largest trouser pocket. Even if it could, we’re puzzled as to how the sensors could recognise the case was in freefall and deploy  the airbags in time for them to expand and protect its precious contents. And if you get jostled about a bit too much on the Tube, just imagine the embarrassment as the Smartphone Case’s airbags spring into action and a giant bulge suddenly appears somewhere close to your nether regions. 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing to suggest Honda’s airbag case will actually launch. So far, the Smartphone Case N exists as a YouTube video explaining its concept and demonstrating the airbags being filled up with CO2. The case is then dropped from shoulder height and the airbags fan out like a flower, protecting the phone inside from damage as it hits the floor. 

Some viewers have speculated that the airbag phone case may be a spoof intended to showcase Honda’s airbag technology. Even so, we like their thinking.

-Rosemary Hattersley


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