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Honor V10 Face Unlock feature tested: Is it a Face ID beater?

Honor promised us some face recognition smarts with its new Honor V10 smartphone, although this feature was conspicuous by its absence at launch. However, the Honor V10 face unlock ability has finally been added in the latest update and we’ve been testing it out.

Following Face ID on the iPhone X, one of the latest trends in smartphone tech is the hands-free ability to securely unlock your handset. While fingerprint sensors are undeniably a faster and more satisfying method than PINs and passwords, they’re not quite infallible. Wearing gloves or sticky digits from cooking will render those scanners useless.

Unless you’re particularly enamoured by balaclavas, face recognition is a much more effective solution. It’s apparently super secure, according to boffins who developed the technology. Plus this method¬†isn’t fooled by glasses or beard growth, as our in-depth tests have shown.

Honor V10 gains face unlock feature: hands-on testing

The likes of Apple’s iPhone X, Samsung’s flagship mobiles and the OnePlus 5T already offer a face unlock feature. And now you can add the Honor View 10, or V10 for short, to that list. Honor’s latest over-the-air update has upgraded the Honor V10 with facial recognition and we’ve downloaded this mighty 3GB refresh to test and review the feature. You can see the results of our Honor V10 face unlock tests in the below video.

Is the Honor V10 face unlock feature any good?

As you can see, face unlock takes only a second or two to setup. Incredibly impressive stuff. The Honor V10’s front-facing camera scans your facial features and creates a software map, which is used as a comparison tool when unlocking. With that done, you can choose to activate face unlock every time you tap the power button, to bypass the lock screen. Alternatively, you can make the V10 wait until you’ve swiped the display first. This allows you to check any notifications on the lock screen and then decide whether to proceed.

Face recognition certainly seems to work just as well on the V10 as its rivals. My face was identified instantly almost every time, even when wearing glasses or stood in a dark room. Here’s hoping the Honor V10 face unlock feature handles a bit of new facial shrubbery just as well.


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