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Horse riding? There’s a 200-quid iPhone app for that…

“There is a reason why this app is priced as it is!” starts the App Store blurb of iHorseRiding. At £199.99, it had better be a good one.

As its name implies, iHorseRiding is about horse riding. It’s an educational app with 52 exercises spread across six core areas: foundation, shoulders, haunches, lateral work, canter and leads.

In other words, it covers all things horsey, with step-by-step tutorials, animations and videos to turn you into an equestrian expert. The idea being that you can take your iPhone with you while on your horse, to ensure you have all the info to hand when riding.

There’s also a personal touch: horse trainer Randy Byers will help users of the app via email and Facebook, one-to-one. Which we presume explains the high cost of the app.


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