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12 Apps for Christmas: HotUKDeals

HotUKDeals iconEach day until Christmas we’re picking some of our favourite apps to make the festive season a little easier. Today we’re looking at HotUKDeals. Still out on the hunt for a last minute gift before December 25th? HotUKDeals’ app for iOS and Android might be worth looking at to help you out before crunch time.

The app ties into the popular UK website, with all of their best deals on products across the UK and online at your fingertips. The app is divided into five key sections starting with Deals. The top of the screen houses a universal search area, which when pulled down, grants users access to fine grain tools for searching things such as deal type and topic as well as being able to filter by most popular (aka ‘Hot’), New and Discussed along a field for specific words and terms.

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The automatic deals filter shows the hottest deals of the week with the option to expand on the most popular in order to see four addition highly popular deals. Tapping on any deal then provides additional information, price, images, comments, ratings and link to the specific deal all from a single screen. The ‘Local’ tab as you’d expect then rearranges popular deals by proximity to your device with the most significant difference being the ability to alter the catchment area of the search by tapping at the location area at the top of the screen. If the user is based in London, they can focus their search to by ‘closest to me’ or broaden it to other significant parts of the UK and Ireland.

The centralised option in the app is to Submit your own deal. The main button in the UI offers up a screen where the user can enter important specifics like product name, deal type – using predefined icons, category, whether the deal is on or offline, include a URL, a photo, a description and then login to verify the deal’s authenticity by signing in via email, Facebook or Twitter.

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If you’re already an active member of the site, there’s an ‘Activity’ tab dedicated to tracking deals viewed by your peers via social networks or email as well as deals recommended or already interacted for and by you respectively. The final part of the apps main UI is taken up by the Alerts section. By define specific terms on products you may be interested in, the app can notify you via push notifications. These notifications can however be silenced by using the available tick box.

Hopefully you can see the potential time saved that this app offers in last minute present hunting, to sweeten the deal even further, HotUKDeals is available for iOS and Android, for free.


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