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How good is Windows Phone 7? Depends what country you’re in.

Windows Phone 7 boasts being able to connect to Microsoft’s Bing search features, their Zune app and music marketplace. There’s also the ability to buy and rent films from the Zune store. Well, at least in the UK.

In the US they also get Zune’s TV and podcast marketplace. (Well, no podcasts we can cope with.)

Their Bing search also includes traffic features, voice search, and something unbelievably still missing from our WinPho 7s; clickable addresses and phone numbers.

This is where you can tap on phone numbers and addresses on the web and emails, and your phone will dial the number, or bring the address location up on a map.

We were surprised by this, tried it out ourselves, and yes, alongside no copy and paste, forthcoming, we’ve been told, addresses and phone numbers are left dormant on screen. There’s nothing you can do with them, except memorise them and type them back into the map app.

Spare a thought for users from other countries, like Aussie Andrew of Andrew Tech Help, who made this helpful table comparing what Windows Phone 7 can do in each country. We’ve edited it below to show the UK and the US more clearly.

In his native Australia, there’s no Zune music store, no unlimited music with the Zune pass, and no Bing local search. No click-through addresses and phone numbers is a massive oversight, given it’s already available in the US. We hope the promised WinPho 7 update will iron a few of these problems out.

Via; Andrew Tech Help


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