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How much data does Siri use? Less than you think.

In this world filled with data caps and uncertainty, you always want to keep an eye on how much data a particular app is using. Siri requires an active internet connection so it can ping back to Apple’s servers on queries and searches, so how much does it actually use?

Not a lot is the answer. Ars Technica ran a couple of tests to try and determine the exact amount of data Siri gobbled up per query. With local requests, the average data usage was 36.7KB, while on more complex tasks that required a search on the internets, the average rose to 94.72KB. The total combined average for local and online requests was 63KB per query.

What does it all mean? Assuming you use Siri on a regular day to day basis, you can only expect to use around 20MB over the course of a month. You can expect it to be less if you ask simple questions or simply don’t use it as much.

It’s definitely less than we expected considering voice data is being sent to Apple’s servers, but that’s the magic of audio compression at work. Hit up the source link for the full details on Siri’s usage.

Source: Ars Technica


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