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First customer buys house with smartphone

Barclays and Savills Auctions have created a partnership which allows customers to buy a house on their mobile phones.

You can now buy a house with your smartphone. Using Barclays Pingit, a Savills Auctions customer put down a £23,000 deposit on a home by scanning a Savills QR code from within their Pingit app. It certainly seems easy and simple to use. Once a customer selects the ‘OK’ button, the app will show all the full transaction details and the money can be transferred in seconds. 

Darren Foulds, Product Director of Barclays Mobile Banking and Pingit, said: “This shows the potential for mobile payments as services like Pingit gain more widespread use. For quick, secure transactions on the go, mobile is fast-becoming a trusted method of making payments – whether from person-to-person or, as in this case, to pay a business.”

Mr Foulds added: “Pingit enables payments to be accepted through a mobile app. For consumers it offers a totally secure way of making payments that are at the same time quick – and on a device that almost everyone in the UK carries with them on a permanent basis.”

Barclays Pingit launched in February 2012, and has been downloaded 2.5 million times. The total amount of money sent using the app has reached £350 million. 

Are you interested in using the service? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below. 



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